We are using Java as our programming language.

The short reason for that is: Java has proven to be capable to produce enterprise quality applications, so we are sure that it is appropriate for our needs as well.

After some first attempts with Dropwizard we switched to Spring Boot.

For the whole development process we will try to apply the concepts of Domain Driven Design. Our system architecture will be inspired by the Hexagonal Architecture.

We discarded our first classical system architecture with the typical layers (GUI, Application, Database). After reading the book Implementing Domain Driven Design there are better ways to create a complex system. Very helpful for these insights was the presentation Agile, Architecture, DDD and CQRS.

Getting involved

All of our current code (Java, HTML, CSS, …) is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL3). This way we can guarantee free access to the code for everyone for their very own use.

The code can be acquired using github.

The latest development snapshot can be tested at our development site.

Support us with the development of the first truly open game database. We’re constantly looking for fresh hacker blood!

For easy entry please contact us in our forums!