First things first: You are part of the Oregami community!
We're not working in the dark, but are a community project where everyone can participate.

The central place where the Oregami community lives is our message board. Every discussion is publicly viewable, but those who want to participate need to register. Within the board for open discussions every registered user is allowed to post, within the restricted access boards one needs to be manually activated - but that's no big deal if you're showing some enthusiasm.
Hint: Bookmark this board link - it shows the active threads of the last days!

For our overall task planning, and creation of texts, diagrams, and such, we use the software products JIRA and Confluence by Atlassian. Our current tasks can be viewed by everyone surfing to, whereas our wiki can be found under Those who want to take part in these two spaces need to register within JIRA here, an account which also grants write access to the wiki after activation.

If we work on our project - which is mostly in the evenings (CET) - we use to fire up our IRC clients and meet on the server in the channel #oregami. For people without IRC client, this web chat makes it possible to chat with us regardless.

News around our project are published regularly on Facebook and Twitter, longer versions of these news can often be found on our blog.

Interested programmers and web designers shall be warmly pointed to the information on the developer page.