Who doesn’t know the cool German gaming mags of the 80’s and 90’s? Power Play, Aktueller Software Markt, Video Games, Amiga Joker! At there are thousands of scans in a comprehensive database, interviews with former editors and much more to discover. In 2010 a new section of the site named “Kultpower Archive” was founded in order to hold complete scans of different issues of the mags. Meanwhile, over 50 complete issues can be explored.


TheLegacy is a nostalgic video game museum. More than 29000 games dating from 1971 to today are displayed here, and lure the user to promenade and stroll around the halls of the museum. The pages feature a broad spectrum of video game information like covers, screen shots, game music, facts and figures, ratings, hints and reviews. Goal of the project is to relive the charme of older games and document everything interesting about those and others.

Other Game-Databases


MobyGames is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, video game documentation project at the Internet. The pages exist since 1999 and consist of comprehensive, very well analyzable information about more than 37,000 games on more than 125 platforms. Because MobyGames is so old, many gaming experts have gathered there over the years and entered much information on older and obscure video games. That’s why the interested user can, exemplary, take a deeper look into the colorful world of Japanese and Chinese video gaming.


As the name suggests, the Online Games Datenbank (OGDB) is a Internet database with the sole purpose of collecting, archiving and publishing numerous information about computer and video games. This project was founded by the team of, a site dedicated to censorship in gaming. The database is aimed at German-speaking collectors as well as demanding or casual gamers, and is designed to conveniently publish comprehensive information about game releases, their differences and traits, and censorship and youth protection in them.


RetroCollect is a rather new, but promising effort of a video game database, aimed mainly at collectors. The site’s founders tried to merge a PAL gaming database with a rarity guide, add some healthy editorial content like retro gaming news and reviews, and pack all that into a user-friendly and eye-pleasing webdesign. And they did quite achieve their goals. RetroCollect is a site to watch, definitely.


IGDB (“Internet Game Database”) is a Swedish project trying to recreate the success of the Internet Movie Database ( for games. The guys behind this site seem to have scored some funding which enables them to work full time on it, so the development speed is astounding. They also made their first connections to the gaming industry by introducing verified profiles for gaming professionals. Promising indeed, and not just by the familiar naming, so let’s see where this is headed!